TwinCycle Demonstration – an afternoon ride


Take a quick “ride” with the TwinCycle – a side-by-side bicycle that balances fun and safety. You’ll have to try one someday. :-)

The TwinCycle is currently is being developed for vacation rental agencies and retirement communities. We hope you have a chance to ride one.



Over the past forty years a large number of talented adults have asked if I would be their mentor.

My office is in a former Catholic Convent in Nashville named Saint Bernard. The Sisters of Mercy were there from 1904 to 1996.

I did some of the early renovation myself. Two tenants stopped to visit as I was scrapping and polishing the hard wood flooring. They had a guest from California who worked for Microsoft.

The tenant whose name was J.B. Bock introduced me to his guest and said, “Charles is my mentor.” The thirty year old guest replied to J.B., “Since you are my mentor and Charles is your mentor, that makes Charles my GrandMentor.” With his consent I decided to develop the concept of “Grand Mentor”.

If you are over forty years of age and sometimes serve as an advisor to younger people, you may also need someone to “lean on” as a Grand Mentor.

Secondly, if you are over sixty years of age and have served as a mentor for over twenty years, you may want to join with me as a Grand Mentor.

If our service proves of value it can be expanded to other languages.

There is a moment in time where a decision needs to be made. The two roads look the same. one leads to life, the other to death. Over time they prove to diverge a million miles apart. Help me serve as a watchman to guide the less informed to life, joy and prosperity with God’s blessing.

Col. Littleton Crew visits Milky Way Farm


On January 9, 2013, Col. Littleton employees gathered at the historic Milky Way Farm in Lynnville, TN for a year-end celebration. Since 2012 marked Col. Littleton’s 25th anniversary, the occasion gave new and old employees alike the chance to reminisce about the past 25 years. Everyone enjoyed Milky Way Hot chocolate, a country breakfast and pancakes prepared and served by the Col.

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John Deere

Dad got his John Deere

Every once in a while something happens or I see something and it takes me back to a favorite memory or even just a random event.  I think that must be a sign of getting older.

Speaking of that, I’m not sure when I automatically stopped knowing my age and have to do the math – maybe it’s fine to just freeze on a certain age,  when you don’t feel like doing the math or just decide to go with how you feel inside.

If we went with how old we feel inside, my father might be younger than me.  If I did the math, he’s 82, but sometimes I think there is at least 40 years off of that inside.  He decided to start riding bikes at 81.  He’ll take off in his Suburban on a horse trail on the farm and if I say, “Dad, I’m not sure how wide that trail is the whole way,” he just seems to get a twinkle in his eye as he reminds me he’s good – he has a chainsaw.

For 15 years of my growing up days, we lived in a house in Rockville, Maryland.  It was pretty ideal.  We played hide and seek at night with our neighborhood friends and walked to school.  There used to be a brick fireplace in the house that I thought was amazing and I wanted to live there forever.  I told Mom and Dad if they ever sold the house when I was older that I wanted to buy it.

The yard was beautiful but small.  We had a push mower to cut the lawn. I remember my sister and I decided to surprise Dad

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Lost Love

Lost Love

Suppose you were in love with someone who seemed to adore you and hang on to every word you speak while applauding every move you make, raising you to a godlike status. Imagine the exhilaration to experience such a moment which raises your hopes to be loved for a lifetime and then the love of your life vanishes without a trace.

No matter how much you search she cannot be found. She no longer exists.

Desperately, you begin to look for another love exactly like her in every detail, in order to be adored in all the same ways. Upon finding the replacement of the love of your life, you bestow all that is left of your affection on her. Sadly, she and all her future likenesses vanish in precisely the same manner.You are left empty and heart broken.

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